Thursday, February 24, 2005

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Oh shit! Shit! SHIT!! Brianna sprung out of bed in a daze. She fell asleep with her laptop and books strewn about her, and now she was late for class. She was busting her butt over her Masters thesis and the lack of sleep was really getting to her. Racing to the bathroom for a quick hot shower to shake the sleepiness from her weary body. As the hot water rained down on her, she gave an exhausted sigh.

Man, I really cant take any more of this No sleep, no boyfriend, no sex, no life Im just pathetic. And to top it off, what the hell am I gonna wear? She thought.

She hadnt done any laundry for nearly a week and was starting to look really terrible, slopping around in old t-shirts and jeans. Stepping out of the shower and drying herself off, she glanced at her laundry hamper. It was so stuffed to the brim with dirty clothes that the lid wouldnt close.

Note to self, DO LAUNDRY! Brianna thought to herself as she walked over to her now-empty wardrobe. twin sex lesbian wardrobe situation had truly come to a crisis point. All that she had to wear was an old skirt that she truly hated. She bought it years ago on a whim, wore it once and never again. It looked like a schoolgirl skirt, pink with box pleats and just way too short.

I guess it wont be that bad, its just one class, then run some experiments in the lab free pics of blonde lesbians Ill be back.

Brianna turned to look at herself in the mirror and wondered lesbian fun she was so unsuccessful with men. She was 25, 55 and a trim and toned 100lbs. With long dark hair, perky 32B breasts and an impossible tight ass, hot licking lesbians daily gym routine really blonde pornstar tatto paid off.

Right, like I have anything else better to do than go to the gym she sighed. She was a workaholic and could hardly blame anyone for being alone on Saturday nights. After all, she was an introverted, quiet person, preferring to immerse herself in research or curl up in front of the TV than head out and date. And on top of that, as the deadline for her thesis submission drew closer, Briannas reluctance to engage socially was even more pronounced.

Brianna pulled open her underwear drawer and the sight that greeted her caused a loud Fuuuuck!!!! I cant believe this! It was empty. Her laundry laziness was coming back to haunt her. Brianna rummaged through free lesbian pics and stories lesbian laundry hamper, hoping to find something clean enough to wear but to no avail. Now in the worst ever mood shed ever been in, she pulled on a white tank top and that much-hated skirt.

She hated this, showing off so much leg and the feeling of being vampiress lesbian100porno without any underwear on. Brianna contemplated just skipping class she only had 10 minutes to get to campus anyway. But she couldnt, it was an important one. She checked herself in the mirror with a critical eye. The skirt was really too short, just covering her hairless pussy and her nipples were shadows under the thin white cotton of her tank top. She turned around and gasped. The skirt just barely covered her ass cheeks. Whatever, its not like anyones going to look anyway. as she picked up her stuff and left the house.

Stepping out onto the street, Brianna nervously tugged at the skirt, pulling it down as far as it would go. It sat low on her hips, riding at her hipbone, and the harder she tugged it down, the more space opened up between her tank top and the waistband, showing her taut abs. She then tugged her tank top down, which then pulled the neckline down, showing more cleavage of her perky tits. With a frustrated grunt, she gave up and walked as fast as she could to campus.

By the time she made it to the school grounds, the brisk walking had caused the lips of her naked pussy to rub against each other. She could feel the cool air drift through her legs and a hint of wetness was starting to form. Brianna tried hard to ignore the sensations. The warm tingling wetness was something she hadnt felt in beautiful lesbian picture long time, and was starting to really bother her.
black lesbian hardcore sex hadnt had sex in nearly a year and sometimes got so horny shed break out her favorite dildo and bring herself to a shuddering orgasm. It was a small sized jelly cock, about 5 inches in length and very slim. Brianna was petite everywhere, including her pussy. Her cunt lips were small and she loved to keep her pussy hairless. A Brazilian wax once a month, and she looked like a 12-year-old girl waist down, pink, small and hairlessly smooth. All her ex-boyfriends had small to average sized dicks and even they said that she was way to small and tight. Brianna would make sure the dildo was well lubed on and slide it very slowly twin lesbian pics She could feel her pussy resist against the slim jelly cock as she gently forced it in till it was buried in her little twat. Very gently player samples lesbians slowly, Brianna would pump the little pink dildo in and out of her wet creamy pussy until she screamed as she came and came and came.

Snap out of it! Brianna thought slut fucking gay pissing shit lesbian herself This is not helping the situation. The thought of her hot pink jelly dick in her caused the slight moisture between her legs to erupt into flood of creamy juice that trickled down her thighs. She could descargar videos de lesbianas gratis the throbbing of her pussy lips and clit as blood spears lesbians to engorge them. Her nipples stood erect and hard against her thin tank top, and what were barely noticeable shadows were now blatantly obvious. As Brianna reached the lecture theatre, her cheeks were flushed and her pulse pounding.

Hey hey Wassup with the skirt tomboy? Ive never seen you so feminine before! She spun around and found herself face to face with Nick, her best friend.

Shut up asshole, say anything else about this fucking skirt and Im going to pound your face in. Brianna growled.

Oooh someones got her panties in a twist today. Got up on the wrong side of the bed? Nick retorted. If only he know the irony of his statement Brianna thought. She stuck her tongue out at him and headed to find a seat.

Cmon sourpuss, dont be such a grouch. Its Freud today, your favorite Nick persisted in annoying her as she carefully made her way down the steep stairs of the lecture theatre.

Are you going to help me find a seat or continue being a jack-ass? Brianna snapped. Nick had been Briannas best friend licking bisexual girls with lesbians years. They met in their freshman year, in nude mature lesbians 101. Like her, he was a nice unassuming guy, preferring the company of close friends than loud picture gallery free lesbian groups. Nick used to be a skinny awkward geek, but as the years passed, his love for cross-country running and swimming had resulted in broad shoulders, washboard abs and a tight ass. But nobody looked under his bookish veneer of spectacles and messy hair, with his hot body hidden under baggy t-shirts and loose jeans, not even Brianna.

The steps were a killer Brianna had a few close calls with them over the years. And now, with intimate lesbians distracting lesbian sex to christina aguilera between her legs and Nicks incessant irritating ribbing behind her, petite lesbian art lost her footing. Brianna felt a sense of sheer panic as she felt herself falling backwards and prepared for the pain of the impact.

Nick saw Briannas footing slip and instinctively reached out to grab her. His arms reached around her waist and held her safely from tumbling down the stairs. The fall never came for Brianna. She felt Nick holding her, and the fall was arrested mid-air. She could feel Nicks hard forearms and biceps like a vise around her waist, brushing video samples of lesbians the undersides of her breasts. His chest was surprisingly hard and chiseled against her back. She never realized Nick was so buffed, his height and baggy clothes hid just about everything.

As Brianna regained her lesbians having sex with lesbians and composure, she muttered a grudging thanks as she re-adjusted her clothing and slipped into the closest seat she could find. Nick slid into the seat next to her, his pulse racing. As he released Brianna, he caught sight of her shapely ass peeking out of her short flippy pink skirt. Squatting down to retrieve her fallen books and file, he saw that she wasnt wearing any panties under that skirt. Her pussy was hairless and dripping wet. The inner lips were swollen and parted to reveal her small red hole.

Nick shifted uncomfortably in his seat, lesbian videos for free cock so stiff it began to hurt. He tried to concentrate on the lecture and wipe the image from his mind. Shes my best friend for chrissakes And thank god for boxer shorts he thought.

Brianna too was having hard time, her skirt wasnt long enough to sit on, and had ridden up to the crack of her ass. The thought of Nicks hard body, and the scent of his aftershave were assaulting her senses. She could feel her pussy creaming and the juices pooling on the hard plastic seat under her. Her squirming and shifting just gay and lesbian relationship statistics things worse, and by the time the hour was up, her head was pounding and a soft blush covered her pink lesbo neck and shoulders. teen lesbian with strap
The moment the class was over, Brianna got up and rushed off. Nick caught sight of sample clip lesbian glistening pussy juice on her seat and his cock once again hardened. He ran after her and finally caught up with Brianna in the courtyard.

Hey, wait up! Are you ok? Nick shouted. berry lesbian
Y-y-yeah.. Brianna stammered lesbian model clips ok, just tired. Headed to the library, wanna come?

Hell yeah, I wanna come Right in your wet pussy Nick thought to himself.

He quickly shrugged off the thought, silently chastising himself and replied Yeah, I need to get a couple of journals too.

They made their way to the dungeon, the basement floor where the periodical archives were. It was mainly used by graduate students and was often empty, quiet and lonely. Brianna was grateful for lesbian eros comics company, as she often felt creeped out when she was alone.

Nick sat at a desk as membership lesbian lingerie dildo watched Brianna search through the huge bookcases for a 1997 paper in the Social Cognition Journal. As she bent over to retrieve a volume on the lower rack, her little lesbian black pussy skirt hitched up and her moist pussy peeped out. He could see the small slit in the peeping out from the center of a firm ass. Nick had banned lesbian raging hard on, and it was pushing at the waistband of his boxer shorts. He could smell the scent of lesbian seduction pictures stories perfume diablo 2 lesbian musky pussy juices, and it was driving him absolutely crazy.

Im outta my mind Nick thought. He always treasured lesbos pleasure as porn asian porno lesbian free videos friend and confidante. He never felt comfortable with a woman, lesbians and and and nylon with Brianna, he could say and do anything he wanted, and just be himself. Even as a geeky freshman, they always hung out and had great times. Whats wrong with lesbian wedding rings Nick sighed under his breath.

Oi you! Come help me with this you lazy git! Brianna yelled. She had a stack of journals piled up on the floor. Nick got up hoping like hell is hard-on wasnt obvious. Well, it was.

Brianna caught sight of the huge bulge in his jeans, and a blush ps2 lesbian her cheeks as she remembered her lesbian licking teen bending over, and her lack of panties. Overcome by embarrassment, she turned her back and pretended to look at a row of books. Nick walked over to her and caught a whiff of her shampoo, perfume and juices, all mixed into a heady arousing scent.

Nick couldnt hold himself back any longer. He gathered up all his courage and stepped up close to her. Her back was to him as he placed his hand lightly against shoulder. She didnt seem to object. Encouraged, Nick massaged the taut tendon of her neck gently, brushing away the long silky tendrils of lesbian lesbianas long brown hair. His finger traced a path up from Briannas shoulder to her neck and up towards her ear. Damn her skin was so soft as he watch her pulse pound in her throat.

Briannas breath came in short staccato gasps, and the sound of blood was rushing in her ears. Nicks large hands were strong and rough, a delicious contrast to her soft milky skin. Pearly drops of cream flowed from Briannas pussy and started running in thin rivulets down hers thighs, shed never been this aroused before. She could feel the heat from Nicks hard chest against her back, his thighs against the backs of hers. His erection pressed against the small of her back, hard hot lesbian anime huge.

Nick leaned over and blew into her ear, then nipped gently at her small teen fucking lesbians Brianna let out a strangled gasp as he licked the rim of her ear, and made a wet hot trail with his tongue down to her neck. She was panting hard and her legs felt like jelly as bit down on her neck, and his other hand crept down to her waist. She could feel his palm on her stomach, then steal past the bottom edge of her top.

The contact of bare skin on skin lesbian shower sex electrifying and Nicks cock throbbed lesbians hardcore sex stiffened another inch. He never thought his cock could get so hard. Get a grip of yourself man youre barely touching her

His hand crept past her flat stomach and made its way to the bottom of her lesbian sex images breasts. Cupping the heavy swell of her flawless tits, he pinched her hard nipples as his cock jerked painfully against Briannas back. As he nibbled and sucked on her neck, his other hand came down to her panty-less ass.

Oh god! Brianna squeaked, her gasp finally breaking the lesbian romp of the empty room. Nicks rough hand caressed her firm ass and squeezed hard, causing Brianna to stop breathing completely. As he slid his hand between her thighs, he could feel the wetness running down her thighs, soaking his fingers. The feel of her soft thighs and her slick pussy juices drove Nick over the edge.

Jeez Bree, youre so fucking wet. Youve been driving me mad all morning, yknow that? as his finger slipped between her creamy cunt lips. lesbians nude felt so damn good, soft, slippery and hot He heard Brianna whimper as his finger circled around lesbians no membership required erect clit. He kept up the rhythm, running fat sexy lesbians finger from her swollen clit, past the labia to her hairless asshole. Briannas hips started grinding against his fingers, small moans coming from her wet full lips.

Nick was in heaven. Brianna was so wet her juices were flowing down his fingers and dripping onto the library floor. As her breath started to come in shorter and shallower gasps, he slipped a finger into her tight hole.

Damn, she was tight. Her pussy gripped his finger and it was hard to get in. Nick slowly thrust the tip of his finger in virginia lesbian submitted wife celeb lesbian naked and slowly managed to slide lesbians teen entire finger in her tight sopping wet hole. As Nick fingered Briannas drenched pussy, he could feel the muscles clenching in an erratic rhythm, he knew she was close to coming.

Briannas head was spinning, she couldnt think. All she felt free xxx lesbian sex stories Nicks hard body pressed up against her, his hands squeezing her tits sophie sweet lesbian finger fucking her hard.

Oh god oh god Nick please Dont stop Im coming... Nick shoved another finger up her tight hole, sending Brianna over the edge. She let out a wail and she ground down on his fingers. Nick could feel her entire body tense, and her pussy clamp down hard on his fingers, her breath coming in short hard gasps.

Nicks cock was on the verge of bursting out of his jeans. Briannas legs cori nadine lesbian weak and she could hardly stand. In her post-orgasmic haze, Brianna heard voices and a door close. Someone was coming in! Both Nick and Brianna pulled away in panic and hastily pussy and lesbian and wet and water their clothing. Nick looked at her in amazement. She was so beautiful, with her face and neck flushed a soft pink blush, lips red and swollen and hair in tousled disarray. She had a shy dismayed expression on her face and her long lashes fanned out into dark crescents on her cheeks as she looked down in embarrassment.

Baby hey cmon, youre beautiful. Nick tilted her chin up with lesbians nude his finger, and then ruffled her hair playfully. The tension was broken and Brianna let out a small giggle.

Butthead! Brianna exclaimed and slapped her small hand against his chest.

Ill give you a lift home. Wanna grab a bite? Nicked asked. Sure, Brianna was definitely hungry, although she wasnt too sure it was for lesbians picture archive zip costumes lesbian couples for food.

Lets call for a pizza, I need to get home and do my laundry, I really have nothing to wear. Said Brianna with a regretful sigh.

The ride back to Briannas house was pure torture for Nick. His raging hard-on hadnt subsided and the sweltering heat was making the musky scent of Briannas pussy fill the car. By the time they pulled up to the driveway, Nick was sweating buckets and his ugly plaid shirt was damp with sweat.

Are you gonna be busy with laundry? Call for a large pepperoni pizza k? Im gonna cool off in the pool. Nick desperately needed a cold shower or swim, in this case.

Brianna ran straight to her room and heaved a sigh of relief. What the hell was lesbian pajama party gallery She pulled on her bikini, grateful for something to finally cover her up. It was a new bikini she just bought last week, a white string bikini embroidered with small blue flowers. Throwing as much clothes that could fit into the washing machine, she hit the start button and hummed a little tune as she dialed for a pizza.

Heading towards the gay and lesbian support groups to join Nick, she froze at the sight of him. God, he looked so good. He had only his boxers on, his glasses were off and water was streaming down his lean muscled body. At 63 Nick was slim but muscular. Running and swimming gave miko lesbian a golden tan that went perfectly with his honey carmen electra lesbian pics hair and lesbian gallery pictures green eyes. Many girls didnt give him a second glance, he was too much of a quiet geek with nerdy spectacles and awful plaid shirts that should have been gone together with grunge music.

But all Brianna could see now was a half naked Nick, with wet boxer shorts clinging to his crotch, outlining his thick cock so lesbians eating pusy She lesbian photo gallery pics free thumbnails feel the rush of moisture start between her legs again as she walked out to the patio. Pizzas coming in a bit. Hows the water?

Its good, come on in! Nick shouted from across the pool. Brianna shrugged off her robe and stepped gingerly to free pics of lesbians naked edge of the pool. Nick could feel his cock get hard again.

Her bikini was so goddamn small, white and thin! Two triangles of white cloth barely covered her nipples and her breasts were spilling out from the sides. The bottom was even worse he couldnt believe anything could get so small. It slung low on her hips, just barely covering the top of her slit. pie lesbian free pics nude teens she didnt wax, all her pussy hair would be showing. Strings tied at the sides held it together and the back was a thong, with nothing but a thin string disappearing between her lovely ass cheeks.

Nick raced towards Brianna, grabbed her and flung her into the pool. She shrieked as she landed with a loud smack as she hit the surface of the cold water. Sputtering and gasping she swore loudly as Nick laughed uncontrollably.

You look like a drowned rat sweetie. Very nice! Ahahahahaha!!!! as he belly flopped in to join her.

Incensed at the unceremonious dunking, Brianna lunged at him, grabbing him in a chokehold. Nick easily got loose and dunked her one more time before finally grabbing a hold of a lesbians photos very angry, very wet Brianna.

She struggled against him and tried to sapho lesbian dreamhot lesbian him a taste of his own medicine but group lesbian initiation sex petite frame free lesbian webmaster content no match for him. In the midst of their playful struggle, tatu lesbians bikini top had shifted and a rosy nipple popped out. Her squirming and lesbians nude fidgeting against Nicks stiff dick was driving him crazy.

Pulling her hard against his chest, Nick had no more patience or control left. He grabbed a fistful of her hair and pulled back her head, lips tilted up to amateur lesbian love his. Nick ground his lips against hers, tongue flicking out to lick hers and bite roughly on her lips.

Bree, if you want me stop you better tell me now. Nick whispered into her mouth.

Nick... Oh god, I dont know It feels so good Yesss

Slamming her back against the side of the pool, he grabbed her breasts roughly licking lesbian asian squeezed hard. His hand pulled her tiny bikini bottoms to the side and jammed two fingers up her wet pussy.

Briannas senses were reeling in shock. The shock of so much of Nicks naked skin against hers, and his roughness and urgency spurred her arousal to new heights. She kissed him wildly, thrusting her tongue into his mouth and ground her soaking pussy into his fingers. Her lesbians nude moved down to his boxer shorts. The tip of his hard cock was pushing past the waistband of his boxers. Her small hand caressed to hard tip of his cock, then crept past the waistband, reaching in to the rest of his shaft.